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Andrea has been an employee with us since early 2019. With ELEVEN fabulous tanks at home brimming with life, Andrea is all set to become the next aquatics expert here at the store. She's got a little bit of everything - from angels, gouramis, and barbs to plecos, snails, cory cats, and even an adorable Mbu puffer! Andrea and her family also share their home with several guinea pigs, some of whom were rescues, and their dog, Piper.


Vanessa is a huge all-around animal enthusiast, which makes her the perfect fit for animal care here at The Pet Works. Vanessa enjoys socializing and providing enrichment for the animals in our care, offering them the same level of care and attention she gives her own pets at home! She herself keeps a tarantula, two leopard geckos, fish, a hamster, as well as four rats named Peaches, Matilda, Ari, and Danny DeVito.

Face Your Fears

Whether you're fascinated by the tarantualas, or are terrified of them, now's your chance to Conquer Your Fears.  October at The Pet Works.  Saturday, 10-26-19 after the the Downtown Trick or Treat.  We'll be featuring a few special guests, including a super sweet Arizona Blonde Tarantula named Adora;  Milk, the gentle giant dumbo rat;  Sylvanas the big and beautiful ball python....and more!

National Pet Week

On Wednesday, stop in to talk to the experts about how to "Reduce the Poop".  With Nutri-Source Pet Foods.  We will have samples, and information, plus specials on The Pet Works' favorite pet food brand.

National Pet Week

This year for National Pet Week, The Pet Works is fundraising for Fences for Fido.  We will be kicking off the week on Monday, May 6th.  Be sure to stop in and "Fill the Bowl".  Every little bit helps!

National Pet Week

Sign up for our "Lumps and Bumps Clinic"  on Wednesday, May 8th.  This is a FREE mini-visit with our local vet, Dr. Nancy Kuehlwein of Animal Health Services.  She will start at noon, and each mini-visit will be 15 minutes.  She will check your pet (all pets are welcome)  for any obvious signs that they may need a good examination, or maybe it's just a wart!

Visits will end at 2 p.m.  Call or stop by the store to sign up TODAY!  360-636-0830  This FREE clinic is very limited, if unable to make your scheduled time, please call the store.


Lauren started working with us in July 2018. Lauren likes drawing, hiking, video games, and baking. She has a great interest in reptiles. She loves to help people set up the perfect reptile and small animal habitat. Lauren is dedicated to informing people about proper reptile care, and pet nutrition. She owns four rats, (Orpheus, Perceus, Hades, and Prometheus), ten tarantulas, three guinea pigs, a hedgehog, an axolotl, and her dog named Apollo.

Lauren's lineup of herptiles includes:

The Pet Works 43rd Anniversary Carnival

Come celebrate our 43rd Anniversary with us July 9th through the 14th.  Each day we will be having fun deals and give-aways.  Enter to win a year of free dog or cat food, fish tanks, reptile supplies, and more.  Play carnival games for fun prizes.  Monday we kick everything off with Mega Sale Monday with discounts on everything in the store.  Thursday evening we will be having a snake probing party with an expert that help determine the sex of any of your pet snakes.  Friday we are having a Freaky Friday Fish Sale with even deeper discounts on all Freshwater Fish.  Then, to end our week lon


Jacob is your go to guy for just about anything. As an avid rat enthusiast, Jacob can help you with anything you'd ever want to know about rats. He owns eleven rats as well as four leopard geckos, (Ozymandias, Big Mama, Pancake, and Mort). Well versed in reptiles, aquatics, and just about everything else, he is a solid member of our team and here to help you with any of your pet related needs, (scaly, soft, feathery or otherwise!) Just look for the guy with beautiful hair the next time you stop by.

Jacob's lineup of rats are:


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