Superstar! | The Pet Works


So, in September we will be filming a new commercial for local t.v. and our website/Facebook page.  We would love to have some of our favorite pets and their owners come in and be in the commercial with us.  If you want to participate, and think you've got the skills, simply upload a 30 second video to our Facebook page.  After all of the videos are in, we will have the producer of the commercial pick some of his favorites to be in it.  You can be in the video with your pet or not, it's up to you.  All of the videos should be in by the end of the day August 30th.  We will annouce the winner via Facebook on August 31st.  Please be sure to include names and contact info with your video.  Your video can be about anything or nothing, it's just meant to be fun!  

For more info you can e-mail us at  

Good LUCK!