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Sharing what we LOVE since 1975

This February we have picked out some very special items to share with you.  

Michelle has picked out the all-new Fruitables Broth Bowls.  These new healthy formulas help to add a little zing to supper!  They are all natural, and sourced and made in the U.S.  The one fantastic thing about them is that when they are added to kibble, they can greatly reduce the speed a dog can eat, especially if they are a gulper.  They come in three great flavors, and there is even a vegetable one for dogs that have protein intolerances.  They are only 2 calories per ounce, so you are adding flavor without a bunch of other stuff!  

Sarah (Our Perfect Crazy Cat Lady) has chosen Market Fresh by Fussie Cat.  This is a new food to compliment the great line-up of cat cans that they have.  They use high quality meat based protein.  Cats process protein at an ideal level.  Their food needs to be made up of at least 20% meat based protein, not plant or soy based protein.  These foods pass the fussie cat test!

Rhonda has chosen for her favorite product...CAT GRASS!  Did you know she grows this herself in the store, and has for several years.  Our cat grass is 100% organic, and is ideal for cats that live indoors.  Do you have a guinea pig?  Rabbit?  How about some birds?  They love this as well, and they especially like to eat the sprouted seed after they have eaten up all of the grass.  We've been "green" before "green" was a thing!