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The Pet Works Olympia Grooming

Hi my name is Angie I started grooming in 1990 in my home as a self-taught dog groomer.  I decided that I wanted to pursue that profession so I sought out a certified master groomer that could teach me.  I started as a dog bather, which is where you start when you want to become a dog groomer. As I learned the process of dog grooming and learned how to groom different breeds it had become clear to me that this was to be my career path.  Dogs are my passion, I show and breed standard poodles and miniature poodles, and have just started grooming for show.  I participate in the grooming competition every year to better my skills so that I give the best quality work to my clients.  I love my job! There is never a day that goes by that I don't feel grateful for my career choice.  To be a great dog groomer, you must have the passion, the patience and the love for animals!  And that is what I'm all about!  In April 2017 I tool first place at the Northwest Grooming Show in Tacoma.