The Pet Works' Giving Tree | The Pet Works

The Pet Works' Giving Tree

The Pet Works has so much going on this month.

First I want to invite everyone to help with The Pet Works' Giving Tree this year.  Each store has set up a very special Christmas Tree that is decorated with hand-made dog cookies and catnip bags that you get when you make a purchase for the local animal shelters.  Each location has specially marked items that you can purchase at special prices that will be donated to the selected charities.  For example, Covenant Creatures in Olympia has a great need for flea and worm products for dogs and cats.  So, if you make a purchase of one of those items, it will go directly to them, and you get a FREE goodie bag!  How cool is that!

You can contact each store directly to find out more information, and the items that are needed.  This year, the goodie bags were made and donated from a local bakery, "Crossed Paws Bakery" in Tumwater.  We carry all of their products in our Olympia store.  I am extremely thankful for this donation, plus, they look super cute on our Giving Trees.