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Pet Works Coloring Contest

Hey Kids!  We are having a coloring contest.  You can stop by the store and pick up a coloring sheet at any one of our stores.  There will be three categories.  3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  You could win a $20 gift card to The Pet Works and a Zootopia gift basket.  Get your entries in before April 1st.

Many people are in search of baby rabbits this time of year.  It's kind of a tough time to have babies for sale in our stores.  Baby bunnies are very, very cute.  But, we see over half of them returned after a few weeks.  Rabbits are not what a lot of people think they are.  I strongly suggest that you take a few days to do some research and make an informed decision before buying one and bringing it home.  My bunny is 9 years old now, and as a matter of fact, the baby bunny on our website is one of her babies.  Cute, yes.  Different than I expected, absolutely!

 Oxbow animal health is a line of small animal food that we carry in all of our stores.  It is also a food that offers a frequent buyer program.  You can earn free small animal food and hay.  This month we are encouraging creating a strong bond between you and your pet.  If you go to the Oxbow animal health website, there are some awesome sheets that will explain all of the different aspects of small animal care to you.  It's really very informative.  Check it out!