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Pet and Play Hour


Pet and Play Hour

Join us this Saturday at the Longview Pet Works for another fun hour of learning all about some of our most popular pets.    It starts at 1:00 upstairs in the Pet and Play area.  Each Pet and Play Hour lets you get up close and personal with one type of animal we have in our store.  This week we are planning on having an hour with baby cockatiels.  We will learn all about how to take care of them, how long you will have them, and what foods they need.  

The Pet Works has had the opportunity to have super sweet baby cockatiels from local breeders.  Our babies are extremely out going and ready for some love.  This week at the Pet and Play Hour our plan is to have several you can hold and interact with.  (That is the plan).  I have to let you know that if they aren't ready yet, we will be switching to plan B.  

(Plan B is Betta fish.  Each person who attends will be able to learn how to properly set up a betta tank and how to take care of them.  Each child will also receive a $1.00 OFF coupon for a new betta.  This is Plan B!)  

So, let's keep our fingers crossed for a fun hour with baby cockatiels!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

Squawk! Squawk!  See you there!