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Old Dogs, New Tricks

My oldest dog is now 14.  My middle dog is now 12......ugh.  My little lovelies are getting old!


This leads me to want to share some information that I have been researching.  There are a lot of older dogs out there.  But, what is awesome is that there are also a lot of products out there to help older dogs have a bright and active life.  


What leads me to want to address this issue is the recent introduction of Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind dog food.  The benefits look awesome, however, Purina is not a line of pet food that we carry.  I won't go into all of the issues behind why we don't, but, well, we don't.  

I am however, excited about Ark Naturals' Brain's Best Friend.  This chew is easy for older dogs to manage and addresses cognitive issues seen in aging dogs.  What is also very important to me is where they are made and sourced.  Ark Naturals are made in the U.S.A. and for that reason I can feel confident in suggesting these to families with older dogs.  Go to Ark Naturals: Natural Pet Products | Holistic Wellness & Remedy Items For Dogs & Cats  for more info, I did!

We need to keep those minds and bodies strong and active.  One thing that helps is to set up challenges for your dog.  Encourage active play that includes toys that release treats.  It's also a good idea to introduce feeding dishes that challenge them.  These often include slow-feed bowls, but, they can be used for both.


At our house we use pet steps.  I actually use the cat furniture one that is carpeted.  It seems to be very stable, and the dogs get good traction on it.  We also introduced a new line of orthopedic cuddle dog beds that will help ease muscles and joints.  It feels so good to get a good nights' sleep!


I'm not getting older, just my dogs.  Who am I kidding!  We all want to live a nice long healthy life, I want that for my dogs as well.