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New Ideas for Playtime

So, are you trimmimg up and slimming down for the New Year?  Well, we're here to help your pets start off the New Year right, too!


How about making sure that your pets' food is complete and balanced.  Maintaining lean muscle mass and providing enough energy.  What about those treats?  Are you making sure that you aren't just adding a bunch of unwanted fat and calories every time you offer a reward?  The Pet Works can offer you expert advice on shaping up and making it fun.


One dog food that we are trying for the New Year is NutriSource Weight Management.  It is for overweight dogs, and those that are prone to weight gain.  Chicken is the number one ingredient, and is formulated to be easy to digest.  When you go to the website, you will see why this pet food is at the top of the list for trusted brands.


Another way to get those dogs moving is the Outward Hound activity toys.  These are rich in features, and will make treat time an activity.  This month, we are offering a FREE full-size bag of grain-free treats to get those puppies wanting to play!!!