Localvore | The Pet Works


Since starting the store in 1975, The Pet Works has worked closely with local families and hobbyists to provide healthy, loving pets.  Today, almost 42 years later, we are still as dedicated to offering that kind of service to our community.

This month we are focusing on the products that we offer that are produced here locally.  We feel that offering local products to our community strengthens the area that we live and work.  Having a store in the downtown area was also a decision to make sure that we continue to give back to the community that we serve.  

We are proud of the products that we carry, and invite you to get to know why.  

Crossed Paws Bakery supplies us with wholesome treats for dogs.  Using ingredients you can see and pronounce!

Western Meats brings us only the best smoked dog bones and treats.  Produced in Tumwater, Washington.

Small Batch Pet Food just recently began operations to produce and source local ingredients in Washington and Oregon.  They make a whole line of frozen and freeze dried raw dog and cat food.

Farm Dog Naturals makes a unique line of products to help with pet odor and skin problems with dogs.  Plus, they are all natural and smell awesome!

Green JuJu is a whole food supplement that compliments raw, kibble, or home cooked dog foods.  Headquartered in Seattle, they bring solutions to provide optimal health benefits to dogs.

One Spoiled Dog treats are a customer favorite.  It's easy to see why, too.  Read the ingredients...there's nothing more to add.

These are just a sample of the many products that we offer in our store that help us to bring real purpose to our business.

Become a "Localvore" today, and stop in for some of our amazing, local products!