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Litter Litter Everywhere!

Is it stuck in the rug?  Does it end up scattered all over the floor?  Is your cat constantly cleaning litter off their paws and fur?  Does this worry you?  Well, it probably should.


April is Earth Month, and at The Pet Works we are focusing on all natural and environmentally friendly Cat Litter.  


First, we will discuss the dangers of clay cat litter, the most common of all litters.  Then we will start the talk about the terrific benefits of using all natural and highly effective alternatives.  


Clumping clay cat litter is made from bentonite clay.  It works really well because of it's ability to absorb liquid and form solid, easy to scoop clumps.  Unfortunately, it can also pose severe health problems for you, your cats, and your children.  Sodium bentonite is acquired by strip mining, which destroys the top level of the earth.  This removes animal habitats, and all vegetation.  Ugh.

Next, the dust that it creates in your house and on your cats' fur is pretty dangerous.  It is especially harmful to children in the home that have problems with allergies and asthma.  Not to mention the harmful impact it can have on your cats' respitory systems.  We have seen many cats and kittens that come from shelters that use clay litter with upper respiratory infections.  It is understandable that the cost of clay litter is a big factor in choosing cat litter, but there are many other options that are equally affordable.  


One of the newest litters on the market and available in our stores is, Okocat.  Find out more at  Please feel free to introduce yourself to Rufus, the fun and informative mascot for Okocat litter.  


We also sell Blue Buffalo walnut based cat litter.  It comes in quick clumping and pellet formulas.  One of the best sellers in-store, is Swheat Scoop litter.  It has natural properties that help break down odor and makes it easy to scoop.  Plus, it is 100% biodegradeable!  Yes!


Be inquisitive, ask tough questions, and inform yourself about the products that you bring into your home.  The Pet Works is here to help.  We can answer those questions, and recommend cat litters that not only fit your budget, but work Purrrfectly!