Lauren | The Pet Works


Lauren started working with us in July 2018. Lauren likes drawing, hiking, video games, and baking. She has a great interest in reptiles. She loves to help people set up the perfect reptile and small animal habitat. Lauren is dedicated to informing people about proper reptile care, and pet nutrition. She owns four rats, (Orpheus, Perceus, Hades, and Prometheus), ten tarantulas, three guinea pigs, a hedgehog, an axolotl, and her dog named Apollo.

Lauren's lineup of herptiles includes:

Two blue tongued skinks (Calcifer and Roswell)
Three bearded dragons (Crowley, Lich, and Benny)
Six crested geckos, (three named CJ, Lup, and Lucretia)
A leachie gecko (Petri)
Four ball pythons (Azazel, Gene, Blue, and Sylvanas)
A hognose snake (Yuanti)
A children's python (Magnus)
A Kenyan sand boa (Nag)
A Kingsnake (Yennifer)
Two cornsnakes (Nim and Daisy)
A Pixie frog (Thrall)
A Pacman frog (Rogleio)
Three fire bellied toads (Hanzo, Genji, and McRee)