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Keeping Pets Warm This Winter

Jack Frost is nipping at everyone’s nose this New Year, including pets’, as winter finally settles in across the U.S. And with temperatures dropping, it’s the perfect time to remind owners about the importance of winter pet safety.



1. Avoid itchy skin

Dry winter air can leave owners and pets alike with flaky skin. Keep your whole family comfortable by employing a humidifier in your home.


2. Bundle pets up

While many pets come with their own fur coats for the winter, sometimes they need a little extra help. For short-haired animals, provide a warm sweater or coat that covers them from neck to tail. For longhaired pets, avoid shaving or trimming fur too short.


3. Dry pets off after walks

After every frolic in the snow, wash and dry pets’ stomachs and paws to eliminate ice, salt and chemicals.


4. Protect their paws

Shield pets’ feet from harsh chemicals and the cold by rubbing paws with petroleum jelly or covering them with booties. Also, regularly check footpads and between toes for cracks or irritation.


5. Keep pets indoors

Whenever possible, keep pets inside during winter months. Pets left out in the cold can become disoriented, get lost or suffer from hypothermia. And be sure to provide a warm, dry and comfortable place for cats and dogs to sleep that is off the floor and away from drafts.


6. Provide a little extra food and water

Pets actually burn more calories trying to keep warm in the winter, so owners should provide a bit more food during the cold-weather months. Ensuring pets are hydrated can also help prevent itchy, dry skin.