Jacob | The Pet Works


Jacob is your go to guy for just about anything. As an avid rat enthusiast, Jacob can help you with anything you'd ever want to know about rats. He owns eleven rats as well as four leopard geckos, (Ozymandias, Big Mama, Pancake, and Mort). Well versed in reptiles, aquatics, and just about everything else, he is a solid member of our team and here to help you with any of your pet related needs, (scaly, soft, feathery or otherwise!) Just look for the guy with beautiful hair the next time you stop by.

Jacob's lineup of rats are:

Milk (Jacob's baby boy)
Sugar (Male)
Sherpa (Male)
Kefir (Male)
Possum (Male)
Yogurt (Male)

Swiss (Female)
Pepper Jack (Female)
Blue Cheese (Female)
Mozzarella (Female)
Cream (Female)