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Discover Parakeets

Birds Can Make Perfect Pets.


For those who work long hours, a dog or cat might be a poor choice for a pet.  Birds can provide companionship and enjoyment with a lot less work.

For one thing, birds are really smart!  Parkeets can learn to mimic words and can even learn to count!

Birds are pretty low maintenance.  They can be placed in their cage while you are away.  If you spend some time with them each day, they can sit on your shoulder and share some of your salad!

Birds are very social.  Birds who bond with their owners can offer every bit of love a dog or cat can.  Birds can easily be trained to do tricks and simple tasks.

They are a long lived companion.  Many bird species live long lives.  Coackatiels can live well over 20 years, and parkaeets 15 or more!