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Complete Pet Wellness

Well, well, well,  what have we here!  
It's Complete Pet Wellness at The Pet Works.
We are kicking off some great values with introducing you to Wellness Pet Foods.  We will be running a special on all the new varieties of Wellness that we just launched at each of the stores.  Whether you are looking for a type of dog or cat food that is grain-free, or just a new flavor to add to the rotation.  We have you covered.  
We have just brought in Wellness Core and Wellness Complete Health.  Complete Health offers a perfectly balanced food that helps maintain lean muscle mass.  Core is a protein focused food with optimal fat and calorie levels for everyday feeding.  You can read more at Wellness® - Healthy Dog and Cat Food  
You can also stop by for more information at the stores.
The benefits of feeding a high quality pet food is astounding.  Lowers costs at the vet, longer, healthier lives, and, if you have indoor cats with a litter box, less waste to pick up!  
We will have other fun deals and promos through the end of the month at each of the stores.  Plus, our Halloween items are hitting the shelves and we can't wait to share them with you and your furry friends.