Christal | The Pet Works



Christal has been with us at The Pet Works for about a year and a half.  She has two horses, Pokey and Dun Smoken Chrome.  Two goats, Cinnamon and Peanut.  Three Papillons, Joey, Chevy, and Bambi.  Two cats, PeeWee and Mistery.  Peeps and Peeper her two Zebra Finches, and four rats, Sophie, Fizzgig, Bug, and Calliope.  She also has a 55 gallon Tropical fish tank, and a 10 gallon planted tank.  Christal is passionate about all aspects of her work.  The Pet Works is her "happy place".  She finds her work to be more like a hobby than a job.  She loves to help customers and make sure they are providing the best care for their pets.  Whether it's nutrition, health, or training.  She even likes the name "Crazy Rat Lady" that some customers call her because she really loves the rats.