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Celebrating with Ease

This is the time of year that we start to stock up on all of the essential products for keeping your pets calm over the Fourth of July festivities.  

One way to go about it would be to start now and use a homeopathic treatment.  HomeoPet makes a great supplement called Anxiety TFLN.  It is made specifically for help with loud noises and fireworks.  This is also true of the Quiet Moments.  It is best to start working these into the routine early, it will help to build up in the system.  

Another way to help ease a pets' discomfort is with the pheremone sprays and plug-ins.  These are proven and effective.  One great benefit to these is the ability to work year round in houses that have more than one dog or cat and experience squabbles or territory marking.

The use of Thundershirts is also very effective.  They hug your pet and offer comfort through gentle pressure.  Most Thundershirts also have a small patch near the neck that can be used to spray a pheremone on and it will work in two seperate ways.

Whatever the issue, we have the solutions!