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Caring for Your Senior Dog's Teeth

As dogs age, they develop dental issues, just like humans do.  Here are some signs of dental issues with your older dog.  

1.  Bad breath:  When your dog has really bad breath, kind of like a dead fish in there, he may have a tooth or gum infection.  It's time for a trip to the vet.  These things don't correct themselves, and there's very little you can do at home.  Don't just cover it up with dental chews and "mints".

 2.  Trouble eating:  If your dog chews just on one side, or constantly drops his food while eating, things could be wrong in there!  

 3.  Signs of pain:  When your dog is in pain, he has ways of showing you.  If his mouth is hurting, he may rub it on the floor, or with his paws.  Something is really up if he's lethargic or depressed.

 4.  Tartar on the teeth:  Plaque becomes tartar when it builds up on their teeth.  Eeewww.  Daily brushing will help, but a good dental cleaning at your vet is a good idea to remove it.  Excess tartar will lead to gum disease and inflammation.  

 Stop in at The Pet Works today to learn all about the healthy ways we can help your older dog maintain a happy healthy mouth!