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About Us

Once upon a time there was a store in downtown Longview called Joe’s Jungle.  It was located right next to the Columbia Theatre.  It grew into it’s new location at 1257 Commerce Avenue.  In 1975 it was sold to Ron and Joan Works who thought it would be clever to change the name to The Pet Works.  And so it goes…

The Pet Works became a staple business for Longview and its surrounding areas.  People traveled far and wide to see The Pet Works and “George” The Pet Works’ monkey.  George was part of the claim to fame that The Pet Works shouldered.

George needed to find a new home and was sent to a monkey sanctuary in 1990.  The Pet Works is still known today as a store with the pet monkey.

Because The Pet Works is located in historic downtown Longview, it boasts old school appeal with wooden floors, bulk seed barrels, oversized front display windows, and an approach to customer service that comes from traditional pet store backgrounds.

The Pet Works Small Animal Food

In 2004 The Pet Works ran independent of the owners and Rebecca Smith became manager.  She had worked at the Longview Petstore since 1994.  Within a year she purchased the store from Ron and Joan, and kept many of the same staff members.  In 2006 Rebecca married Eric Smith and The Pet Works became a true family-run-business.

In late 2008 The Pet Works purchased a second store in Astoria, Oregon.  This Astoria Petstore was previously known as Riverside Pet.  Now it is The Pet Works, Astoria.  It is located in the historic downtown Astoria.