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Caring for Your Senior Dog's Teeth

As dogs age, they develop dental issues, just like humans do.  Here are some signs of dental issues with your older dog.  

1.  Bad breath:  When your dog has really bad breath, kind of like a dead fish in there, he may have a tooth or gum infection.  It's time for a trip to the vet.  These things don't correct themselves, and there's very little you can do at home.  Don't just cover it up with dental chews and "mints".

Discover Parakeets

Birds Can Make Perfect Pets.


For those who work long hours, a dog or cat might be a poor choice for a pet.  Birds can provide companionship and enjoyment with a lot less work.

For one thing, birds are really smart!  Parkeets can learn to mimic words and can even learn to count!

Cat Grass

What do we want?  Cat Grass!  When do we want it?  Now!


Cat grass is an important part of your cat's diet.  It can help with digestion, add essential vitamins and minerals, and save indoor plants.  If a cat is interested in grazing when outdoors, consider buying a pot of cat grass for him to enjoy indoors.  This will help to ensure that there are no pesticides on what he is eating.

Mad About Organics

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about our newest line of all natural flea and tick products.  "Mad About Organics"  made in Eugene, Oregon.  We try very hard to carry products that we can source locally and are very excited about offering this new line.


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