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Mad About Organics

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about our newest line of all natural flea and tick products.  "Mad About Organics"  made in Eugene, Oregon.  We try very hard to carry products that we can source locally and are very excited about offering this new line.


So, in September we will be filming a new commercial for local t.v. and our website/Facebook page.  We would love to have some of our favorite pets and their owners come in and be in the commercial with us.  If you want to participate, and think you've got the skills, simply upload a 30 second video to our Facebook page.  After all of the videos are in, we will have the producer of the commercial pick some of his favorites to be in it.

The Pet Works Olympia Grooming

Hi my name is Angie I started grooming in 1990 in my home as a self-taught dog groomer.  I decided that I wanted to pursue that profession so I sought out a certified master groomer that could teach me.  I started as a dog bather, which is where you start when you want to become a dog groomer.

Delivery for Longview!!!

Just now introducing FREE delivery in Longview and surrounding areas.  With construction making it difficult for some customers to get what they need, we decided to show you some love!  It's quick and easy to call us to have your favorite cat or dog food delivered.  It's even easier if you already take advantage of our super handy Frequent Buyer Program.  

Downtown Street Construction

Oh No!  This next week will definitely be a challenge for us during construction.  It will be totally awesome when it's done, but in the meantime, we have some tips to make it easier on you.  First is that we have an easy back door entrance.  It is in the back alley, and is accessed by the glass door that leads right into the fish area.  This alley is easiest to get to by car going to Hemlock street and turning north into the alley.


Since starting the store in 1975, The Pet Works has worked closely with local families and hobbyists to provide healthy, loving pets.  Today, almost 42 years later, we are still as dedicated to offering that kind of service to our community.


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